The Methow Valley Education Foundation was formed in 1984 by Methow area community leaders who recognized the need to help fund continuing education for young and adult students enrolled in vocational training and university programs.

Currently the Foundation provides grants of $2500 per year for 35-40 students enrolled in post secondary school programs. The grants continue for up to four years of college or completion of a vocational course. The total of MVEF grants since 1984 to Methow Valley students is over $900,000.




The MVEF grant means the world to me. I can think about my tests and classes instead of how my family and I will are going to pay for next quarter or next year. I'm planning on either graduating from Western Wash- ington's School of Fine Arts or majoring in journalism. I've already started working at the college radio station, and I hope to work for the school newspaper and TV station next year.

  By helping me with law school, the MVEF provided me with the opportunity to pursue a dream and attain my career aspirations. I can't overstate the positive impact the Foundation has had on my life. It motivated me to be successful in my law practice to provide a good return on the investment made in me. Recently it inspired me to
become a director of a college foundation to help others achieve a higher education.
  My business degree from the University of Alaska has helped me establish my unique career as a pro- fessional cross country skier. I live in Hayward, Wisconsin where I enjoy work- ing with under-privileged youth at the Boys and Girls Club, encouraging youth and young adults to establish a healthy lifestyle through activity and exercise. The MVEF has helped me realize my goals and the importance of community.

  With the lifelong dream of acting for a living, I studied drama, first at the University of Montana and then at the University of Washington, where I graduated with a B.A. In Drama, Magna Cum Laude. After college, I launched my acting career doing Seattle area theatre for a few years before moving to Los Angeles, where I am now a working actress in com- mercials, television, films and voice over.