Our Sustainability Depends On Your Generous Donations!

Our Sustainability Depends On Your Generous Donations!

It has been 34 years since community members recognized the need to help Methow Valley students who wanted to continue their education beyond high school graduation. From those first five grants provided by the MVEF, the number of students benefiting from grant assistance now averages 35 students per year. Please help us continue the tradition of financial support and give Methow Valley students the tools they need for tomorrow by sending your gift to the address below, or click the Donate Now button.

MVEF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to funding continuing education for Methow Valley students. All donations are tax deductible..

For more information, contact us or write to the address below.

Methow Valley Education Foundation
PO Box 3056
Winthrop, Washington 98862

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