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Recipient Instructions

The scholarship may be used for a qualified college or vocational program of your choice.

Recipients of the Vocational Scholarship will receive specific instructions for payments.

For recipients of the General Scholarship and Tom Zbyszewski Memorial Scholarship; the money will be paid each year in January at the beginning of the second quarter or semester of school, and upon written request for the funds. Please enclose the following with your request:

  • a full transcript of your grades, which must be a grade “C” average or better;
  • evidence that you are enrolled full time for the second semester or quarter;
  • copy of your thank-you letter (send the original to the donor named in your award letter);
  • your Social Security number or school ID #, and an email address to contact you; and
  • directions for whether the check is to be made out to you or to your school and to what address.

The request for funds must be made by April 1st of each year and mailed to:

Lori Hixson | Methow Valley Education Foundation
PO Box 3056, Winthrop, WA 98862.

In the event that you fail to attend school full time for any academic year, or do not submit the required information by April 1st, you will loose this scholarship unless prior special approval is received from the Directors.

We are proud of the young people in the Methow Valley, and we wish you the very best.